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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Unhurried Time

Have you ever known someone who never seems rushed? Their time with you is slow, deliberate, and unhurried. It's a gift to find such a person.

One of my children was, and still is, absolutely unhurry-able. It didn't matter how late we were or who was waiting for us, she took her sweet time, because that's just the way God made her. She was slow and steady in doing her school work, sometimes maddeningly so. I must admit it drove me a bit nuts until one insightful, Christian teacher said to me, "I love that she takes her time on her work. She doesn't measure herself by others and she's absolutely unaffected by what goes on around her. She's comfortable doing things the way she feels is right, regardless of how long it takes. It's like the peace of Christ dwells deeply inside her already."

That took me aback. She was right. This was a gift and I was blessed that her teacher had the insight and wisdom to see it. I looked at her unhurried sense of time differently after that. It truly was a form of wealth. While I tend to get caught up in the whirlwind of life, my daughter was rooted and grounded, doing things in her own time.

Now, I try to slow down more and appreciate things more deeply. Why rush through the produce section to get to the frozen foods? Why not soak up all its colors, scents, and textures? The frozen foods will still be cold and frosty when I get there. Or take time to stand in the parking lot and let the sun drench your skin. Listen to a friend as if it's the last time you'll hear their voice. Feel the softness of your child's skin when they run into your arms and hold them a second or two longer. Live deliberately, slowly, meaningfully.

It's the only life we have, this side of eternity. Luxuriate in it unhurriedly, and see your life-wealth increase. Now that's timeless.


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