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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday - Being Carried

I remember as a child the security I felt when I was carried by my parents, especially my dad. We might be walking through a crush of people and he'd swing me up where I was protected in his care. I felt invincible in his arms. He was strong, tall (compared to me), and confident in where we were going. I was safe up there, not lost in a crowd of legs or walking through mud or trudging up giant hills on my own. I relied on him, his strength, his direction. I knew he'd get us to our destination, so I didn't have to worry. He wouldn't stop until we arrived. I could rest in his arms.

I can trust my heavenly Father the same way. When I don't have enough strength, when my compass is off, when I'm flat-out weary, He carries me. In hindsight, I sometimes have no idea how I managed to make it through difficult times, except that God carried me. There is no other logical explanation. He's a loving Father who delights in me and when he swings me into his arms, I can lay my head on His shoulder and rest while He gets me where we're going.

Do you trust God enough to let Him carry you through rough times? What's stopping you?


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