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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Timeless Tuesday - Babies Don't Keep

I first read this little poem when my first child was just a baby. It resonated so deeply in me that I made it something of my "motherhood motto" for my next thirty-plus child-raising years. It certainly was no sacrifice to relax my housekeeping urge (which, in the early days, wasn't too strong anyway) and luxuriate in the cuddling of a child.

Now my housecleaning expectations are higher. It must come with age. I can't stand my house to be super messy, though I'm not the clean-freak some ladies are. I don't have any little ones underfoot anymore, until the grandkids arrive. It's easy to clean before they come so their little crawling knees aren't black when they leave.

But may I encourage you young moms out there to take this poem to heart? You will never regret holding your child, rocking them to sleep, if that's where your heart is. You won't look back and wish you kept a cleaner house. There's time for that later. But the fact that babies don't keep is overwhelmingly true. Enjoy those soft little bodies snuggled in your lap while you can. Your life will be filled with irreplaceable riches from those sweet baby moments.

What would you say is your "motherhood motto?"


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