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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Battling Negative Thought Patterns

It's Thoughtful Thursday here at PWAS, so I thought this meme was appropriate. Isn't it the truth? Most battles are waged in our minds. Much of what goes on in there never sees the light of day, thankfully. It's so important to live, and think, with an outward focus.

If I'm thinking of others and how I might help them, serve them, listen to them, make their day, then I can't spend nearly so much time scaring myself with my own thoughts. All those "what ifs" evaporate into thin air. The worries? Poof! They're gone. It's literally impossible to focus on myself and my worries when I'm focused on someone else.

So today I'm going to try to live that out . Less me, more you.

Do you struggle with negative thoughts? One of my friends calls it, "Stinkin' thinkin.'" It may be critical thoughts about others or negative self-talk. Either way, it's troubling. What will you do to change your thought pattern?


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