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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Timeless Tuesday - Little Feet

Is there anything more timeless than little feet? Here are a few of my favorite feet pictures, courtesy of my grandchildren.
Look closely. Those are dirty, tiny footprints on my wood floor,
thanks to my granddaughter, Lillian.
These were grandson, Solomon's tiny shoes.
These were the sweet feet that wore those tiny shoes.
Lilly painted her own toenails. :)
Silly Solomon feet

Baby Henry's moccasins
These little feet hold a lot of potential. They'll go lots of places. They're not as little as they once were. Now they can run, jump, stomp, and much more. But I pray they'll go out into the world with confidence and share their unique gifts with whomever they encounter, especially the gift of God's love. Ultimately, I hope they'll always find their way back home to those who love them unconditionally.

Happy Timeless Tuesday.


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