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Friday, January 8, 2016

Learning to Crochet

I am not a crocheter. I'm not even a knitter. I've been taught to do both, but I find it difficult and my stitches always end up so tight I can't even get a needle through them to keep going. Sigh.

Problem is, I see all these super cute things I want to make! Just look at these adorable little hats posted on Facebook by Dianne Poeschel Knapp (who I don't even know).

I soooo want to make these for my one and only little granddaughter before she's too old to humor me by wearing them.

Or how about a beautiful afghan? I'd love to make one to wrap myself in on cold evenings or to give as wedding gifts.

And I'm a scarf lover in the winter. I wear them every day. I even blogged about scarves last year. I could make myself some awesome scarves.

Anyway, I am determined to learn to crochet. If you are a crocheter, will you give me your best tips? How do I keep my stitches loose? What is an easy project to start on? What size needle is best for a beginner? Oh, so many questions!

Let me hear from you in the comments with any helpful crocheting advice you can give me. There may be a cute hat in your future...



  1. If you get a pattern please share.

    1. Will do, Lois. So far I haven't seen one. :( But I'm sure they're well beyond my expertise at this point anyway. LOL.

  2. Hey Linda - how about just relax with it. Are you right handed? Hold the yarn wrapped around your left middle and ring finger, back over the forefinger and then your thumb. Keep it taut between forefinger and thumb to allow the hook to grab, but not so taut that it stretches. Let the yarn flow thru your fingers naturally without the feeling of having to pull it. Maybe just some practice pieces would help? Practice with a big hook (like I or J) and 4 ply yarn Those little hats are adorable and would work up quickly once you got the hang of the tension.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Cindy! I'll try that. I did get a big hook and that seems to help. Tune in for an update on my progress on Monday. :) Thanks for your help.