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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Favorite Vacation Spots

As I write this, we're on vacation in San Diego, CA. We spent our first evening at Seaport Village, our first day at Sea World, our second at the San Diego Zoo, and today at the Safari Park and Birch Aquarium. Tonight, our last night here, we sat on the beach and watched the sun set while eating ice cream. The sunset wasn't that great because it was a gray day. But we were on Dog Beach and got to watch lots of dogs romp in the sand and surf with their owners. And the ice cream was delicious! It was the perfect ending to a day with our animal loving daughter.

Some of our best vacations have been at the beach. We love the beauty of it, looking for shells, and the versatility it offers. Where else can kids (and Dad!) play in the water or build sand castles while I luxuriate in reading a good book? We also love hitting theme parks and amusement parks. One of my personal favorite vacation activities is visiting lighthouses. I'd love to visit them all some day!

What about you? Where have your favorite family vacations taken place? What do you love to do on vacation? Are there theme parks you'd recommend? Are there some nice, low-key spots your family loves to chill out? Let's talk vacations! 


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