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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dealing with Teen Homework Stress

At the end of the school year, high school kids have so many projects due, papers to write, and tests to take, it can become stressful and overwhelming for them--and for parents.This picture pretty much describes how I'm feeling at this time of year. I can't imagine how the students feel!

So how can you support your student as he finishes out the year? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Be available. This doesn't mean you have to be in the same room helping with the homework. But it does mean you're in the house, ready to assist if needed. Or even if your help isn't needed, just having you around makes him feel less alone. I remember my mom staying up late into the night, just lying on my bed as I finished a paper in high school. It made me feel supported, like I wasn't having to go it alone.

2. Provide encouragement. Check in with your child from time to time to see how it's going. Take them a snack or something to drink. Without actually doing the work for them, ask if there's anything you can do to help. Offer praise for her perseverance and tenacity. 

3. Allow breaks. The mind can work only so long before it starts zoning out. Schedule some breaks to avoid those unproductive times. After a couple hours of hard work, give your teen 15-30 minutes to check his Facebook page, take a shower, or get a snack. Then he'll be more refreshed and ready to tackle the books again.

4. Provide rewards. When your teen has finished her paper or is done studying for the test, reward her for her hard work. Take her out for ice cream or to her favorite coffee shop. She'll know that her efforts haven't gone unnoticed.

5. Pray for your child. This one probably should have been at the top of the list! Praying for your child reminds him that he has a higher power at work for him. What to include in your prayers? I pray that my child will remember the things he's studied, that he'll include all the necessary elements in a paper to get a good grade, that he'd do his best, not just the bare minimum, and that God would honor his efforts. For especially hard subjects, I pray that God would give my child a mind that would understand that subject. 

At the end of this week, my girl will be done with another year of school. I can't wait for summer! How about you? Are your kids out of school already? Or are you still slogging through end of the year school projects? What are your summer plans? 

I'd love to hear from you!


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