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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Friendly Angel Reminders

In a semi-weird moment this morning, I felt a connection to the angel on top of our Christmas tree. (If you keep reading after that opening sentence, I have a special love for you.)  In the quiet of the morning I  looked into the living room and just at that moment, the blinking light hiding inside her flowing white dress blinked-- and it felt like she waved at me.

Yes, dear angel. I see you! I remember the story, the blessed reason for the season. I can almost hear you and your friends singing, "Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, goodwill toward men." Your voices ring out above the bleating of the shepherd's sheep. Your brilliance fills the sky, shepherd's eyes wide with fear, then awe. Did their eyes fill with tears? Did they high-five one another as you faded into the night sky? Was there bickering about what they'd seen or simple worship as they herded their sheep?

Caught in the busyness of the season, I need an angel's wave from time to time to remind me of the reason I celebrate this holy holiday. There is joy, peace, wonder, in this life if you keep your focus on the One who came as a baby, born to save. He is here, the greatest gift ever given. Open your heart as you would a present. Let Him in. Experience His great love for you this Christmas.

May the rich blessings of Christmas fill you with His love.