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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Timeless Tuesday - Doing What's Right

Good old Eleanor. I bet she knew a thing or two about this as the First Lady. It's hard being in the public eye.

Oh, who am I kidding? It's hard not being in the public eye, too. People like to criticize, usually because it feeds an unspoken need for superiority. People think when they criticize, it elevates them above that person. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even a grain of wisdom will inform those around them that the criticizer has only succeeded in lowering themselves, instead of the person they're demeaning.

May as well do what's right. It will help you rise above the crowd even if others criticize. Who doesn't admire someone who lives according to their conscience, regardless of the backlash? If criticism is going to come, let it come when you're doing right. Your integrity stays intact and your conscience is clear.

Way to go, Eleanor!


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