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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday - Prayer Productivity

Oh, if only we could remember this. If only prayer was our automatic, go-to response to problems, stress, and worry. We think we have to do something, even though we can't see the solution.

Case in point:

I was taking some online college classes and had too many deadlines all at once. One of my classes was a math class, which is my hardest subject. I worked as hard as I could, did everything possible to meet those deadlines. It looked bleak, nearly impossible. I went to bed thinking it would never happen, but committed it to God before going to sleep.

The next morning I got up and put the CD in my computer to start working on my math deadline again. As soon as I pushed the CD tray in, the CD broke. Hallelujah! There was no way to do the work with a broken CD. I immediately contacted my teacher and she told me the work I'd already done was sufficient. I was finished!

God orchestrated a solution I never would have thought of. He relieved my stress and I was able to meet my other deadlines. Would that CD have broken had I not prayed? Maybe. Who knows? But I know that I was able to sleep in peace because I trusted God to work things out for me. It only took a few seconds to ask for His help, but alleviated a semester's worth of stress.

Another example: Years ago, my daughter's hamster escaped from its cage. We searched everywhere for it. No luck. On our search, I spotted it running into my teenage son's messy room, where I knew it would be impossible to find it. We looked through all the junk without success.

Then I stopped. "You know what we forgot to do?" I asked my daughter.
"Pray. Let's do it now."

So we did. Within two minutes we found the little guy and put him safely back in his cage. Had we prayed first it may have saved us lots of looking.

So make prayer your first response, not your last resort. You may be amazed at how your productivity increases.


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