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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday - Choose Well

Ann Voskamp is one of my favorite authors. Her One Thousand Gifts book has impacted my life in countless ways. This quote of hers, well, it's truth.

We choose what to put on our schedules every day, and also what we put on our kids' schedules, as well. We decide what will fill our days. We get to say what we'll do and what we won't do. When we add too many things to the calendar we start to feel it in our souls. Our shoulders tense, we glance at the every-moving clock, we hurry, hurry, hurry, and in doing so, miss out on life's beauty.

I use a self-imposed rule for my life. If I add something in, I must let something go. Last week someone asked me if I would consider leading a Bible study for young women. She said she needed something more in her life. I didn't hesitate. Of course I would. But my next question to myself was, What will I give up to do this? I'm still considering the answer. Maybe it will be one large, time-consuming thing or a few smaller things. But the point is, I'm choosing.

I choose not to be stressed out. I choose not to overschedule so I'm not too busy for the really important stuff. I choose not to live life in a constant, massive, stressed-out hurry. I choose joy. I choose to slow down and see the beauty around me in nature, in the faces of those I love, in exchanges between complete strangers, in the depth of sorrow, and in the joy of celebration.

How will you choose today? I pray you choose well.


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