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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Soul Beauty

What could be more lovely than inner beauty of a life well lived, developed through years of experience? Think of all the funny stories, the heartaches, the worries, and the triumphs that reside in the hearts of older folks. I once had an older friend who used to say, "We're all the same age on the inside." It's true. As I get older, I realize I still feel the same as when I was a teenager. Sure, I'm not physically able to do all the things I could then. But I can do some things now that I couldn't as a younger person, like listen with more empathy because I've already walked in those shoes. I can hold things more loosely because I know there's infinitely more value in things that can't be held.

So if you're on the aging end of the timeline, celebrate all you've gained through the years, like a deeper faith, an understanding heart, more patience. And if you're just getting started on that timeline, look up to and admire the older folks in your life. They're beautiful and timeless in ways you can't be without living all those years.

Happy Timeless Tuesday!


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