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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Making Waves by Being Yourself

I love this meme that I hijacked from Facebook. The thing that strikes me most about it is that the moon doesn't seem like it does much. Sometimes that's how I feel, too. I'm just there, but am I making a difference? But the moon is important. It lightens the darkness and yes, it causes waves in the ocean. You can read the scientific explanation here

I like the way the moon goes about its business quietly. It does its thing and doesn't make a big deal out of it. Yet, every day people look into the night sky and admire it, especially when it's full. That's when it's being most like itself.

The same thing can be said about people. When they do what they're created to do, (and that's different for everyone) without making a big fuss about it, people are drawn to them. It's obvious when they do what's deep in their hearts and it's mesmerizing and admirable. Waves start lapping around them, so to speak, because their passion inspires others to do what they were created to do, too.

So don't hesitate to make waves. Be yourself and light up the darkness.


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