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Friday, February 12, 2016

Me and My Fitbit

I got a Fitbit Charge last week and I'm still learning how to use all its features. Or at least the ones that are important to me. I'm hoping it will help me move more and show me when I need to step it up in the exercise area. I expect that will be all the time at first. :)

In addition to being a watch, my FitBit tracks my steps, miles walked, stories of stairs climbed, calories burned, how much sleep I get and the quality of that sleep. It also allows me to enter the amount of water I drink each day, log my exercise, and even choose an eating plan if I want (I don't).

I love knowing all that info without having to enter it all in. I was especially impressed with the sleep feature. It not only clocks how many hours of sleep I get, but how many times I wake up and how many times I'm restless, so I can see the quality of sleep I'm getting.

I also entered a weight goal on my FitBit and it tells me how many pounds I have to go to reach it. Still waiting for that number to change. LOL.

Bottom line, I'm hoping this little gadget will get me moving more. Writing is a sedentary life and I tend to sit more than I should. To up the motivation, my hubby also got a FitBit, so we're constantly comparing our numbers. I can't wait until the day my numbers beat his. Hasn't happened yet.

Are you a FitBit user? What are you doing to stay or get fit?


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