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Monday, February 8, 2016

I Love Rocking Babies to Sleep

Having recently returning from a trip to visit my seven grandchildren aged fifteen months to fourteen years, I'm having a bit of withdrawal from holding little ones. One of my favorite things on earth is to hold a baby, swaying, rocking, singing, until he falls asleep.

The softness of his tiny body curved against mine, his milky breath on my neck as he nestles on my shoulder is intoxicating. I stroke his downy hair, listen for his rhythmic breathing, feel his muscles relax. Ahhh. There's nothing like it.
My grandson, Henry, 15 mo.
The next best thing is reading a child to sleep. There's something so soothing about falling asleep with a good story in your head sitting on the lap of someone who adores you. I remember it well from my childhood. I got the chance to enjoy that with my littlest grandchildren, too.
Me reading grandson, Solomon, 2 1/2, to sleep.
Apparently, I have "the touch." Or maybe I'm just that boring. But either way, I'll take it, because I'll gladly hold a little one as their eyes grow heavy and they drift off into slumberland. It's definitely high on my list of favorites.

Happy Me Monday!