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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Making Sense

I love this picture, don't you? Often, our actions, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes resonate with people. Most of us share similarities in the human experience.

But there are other times when you're misunderstood. People question you and think you're nuts for one reason or another. If they're people who genuinely love you, their words may merit consideration. But after self-evaluating, if your course of action still makes sense to you and doesn't fly in the face of your deepest values, maybe that's OK.

Nothing great was ever achieved without stepping out of your comfortable box. That's how dreams come true. It's always a bit of a risk, but don't deny yourself the joy of stretching up high and snatching that star. Some may think you crazy for trying, but they've never held stars in their hands and seen their sparkle. It won't make sense to them because that thing deep inside you that makes your heart beat isn't inside them. God put it in you. Nor would their God-given heartbeat make sense to you.

Let's give each other the freedom to not always make sense. Let's support one another in our dreams, whether we have the same ones or not. Even if they don't come true, valuable lessons can still be learned in the process. And that's something we all benefit from.

Dream on!


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