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Friday, October 2, 2015

Children's Book Review: Understanding My Mormon Friends' Faith and Mine

Several years ago, my daughter had a Mormon friend who invited her to go to church with her. We said she couldn't go, but it wasn't easy explaining why, except that we didn't believe they taught what the Bible taught. We needed a resource that would help us explain to her why we wouldn't allow it.

Fortunately, there is such a resource. It helped us tremendously and it can help you, too. Understanding My Mormon Friends' Faith and Mine by Judy Robertson is a quick lesson in what Mormons (Latter-day Saints) believe versus what the Bible teaches. This short, 24-page book is written for kids, but it is expected that parents will read it with them and explain their own views on the covered topics.

The back cover lists seven areas that are covered in the book, illustrating the differences between the Mormon faith and Christianity.

Inside, the book gives a clear explanation of Mormon teachings and shows what the Bible says on these topics. It is easy to use and understand.

Though Understanding My Mormon Friends' Faith and Mine is written for children, it is also a good quick reference for teens and adults.

To learn more about Mormonism or how you can witness to your Mormon friends, go to

This book is a clear, concise resource that helps your children understand that not all faiths are equal. It does matter what you believe. I found it very helpful in my family and I think you will, too.


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