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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Simply Being There

There is power in the presence of just sitting with someone in their time of need. I know this first-hand. 

It was sixteen years ago and my family was in crisis. Our teenage daughter had run away hours before and we didn't know where to find her. We'd looked everywhere we knew. Finally, we went back home to wait. We were numb with grief.

I called my sister, who offered to come right over. I told her she didn't need to. There was nothing she could do. We were just sitting, waiting. About a half hour later, our doorbell rang. We opened the door and there stood my sister and her husband. "We had to come."

I wept at the very sight of her. I had no idea how much I needed her or the comfort I'd feel just having her close. We sat in the living room, more silent than talking. They didn't come to fix anything, but to support us in one of our darkest parental moments. They helped us get through it just by being present.

We found our daughter and went to family counseling. Now, we couldn't ask for a better relationship with her. All the credit goes to God. But some of the comfort and support also goes to my sister, and others like her, who prayed, supported, and rallied round us as we moved through a difficult time.

Have you ever had someone "simple be there" for you? Tell us about it in the comments. Or simply list their name. Then let's all lift a song of praise to God for people like them.


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