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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Choice Reflections

It's Thoughtful Thursday here at Parenting With a Smile. This meme seems obvious, but really does require thought. What do your choices, both past and present, reflect? How do they color your life? When you look face down into your life's pond, do you see beautiful crystal clean water or more of a murky, muddy reflection? For most, it's a combination. But the water clears a little more with each improved choice you make. It seems easy, a no-brainer really, that a different choice will yield a different result. But often, choosing a different path than the one you've worn so smooth is anything but easy. If you aren't sure about what is right in a certain situation, seek the counsel of someone whose pond is already clear. Or better yet, go to the Owner's instruction manual, Our Creator gave us the Bible to help us figure out this crazy life. It will never fail you. Look again. What does your life reflect? Choose wisely until your life's pond is flowing with the purified water of your good choices. 

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