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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Handling Separation Anxiety

I know you probably think I'm talking about your baby's separation anxiety. But I'm talking about yours--and mine. Parental separation anxiety, you might call it.

I'm getting ready to go on a trip to Hawaii with my hubby and our best friends. We leave this Thursday (so there won't be a new blog post next week). Our sixteen-year-old daughter is staying home with my son and his wife, who are currently living with us. I admit I'm already beginning to suffer from separation anxiety. You'd think I wouldn't suffer from this since my daughter is almost grown. But alas, once a mother, always a mother.

Here are my symptoms.

  • I can't sleep well because I keep wondering if she'll be all right while we're gone. She just started online school this year. Will she keep up? Will she get lonely? Discouraged?
  • I start thinking of food items I should buy for her to enjoy while I'm gone. Though we're only going to be gone for a week, I usually end up buying more than she could eat in a month.
  • I wonder about how often I should check in with her while we're gone. I don't want to be too annoying, but I don't want her to think we've forgotten about her either. What's the perfect balance?
  • I start lining up rides so she can get to her various activities. If one falls through, she'll need to call someone for backup. 
  • I go into laundry overdrive. Heaven forbid she run out of clean clothes before I get back! 
So many things to think about! And of course once we're on vacation, I'll start looking for the perfect souvenir to bring home to her.

I don't consider myself a worrier. Just a good planner. :) And really, I know my girl will be just fine while we're apart.

I just hope I will be.

How do you handle your own separation anxiety? What are your symptoms?


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