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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fun Food!

When my kids were little, they loved to eat food that looked like other things. It made it so much more fun! One of their favorites was hotdog men. They're simple, inexpensive, and are sure to bring a smile!

Cut a hotdog lengthwise about halfway up.

Make lengthwise slices on either side of the uncut half for arms.

Cover and microwave for 30 seconds.Remove. Your hotdog man's arms and legs will be curled out and sometimes the body is a little bent over. Just like real people, no two are alike!

Add a face with mustard or ketchup. Then let your creativity take over. Here are some ideas for decorating your hotdog men--or women!

  • Cut cheese slices for clothes
  • Use a lettuce leaf or a sliced pineapple ring for a skirt
  • Use shredded or canned squirt cheese for hair
  • Cut black olives for shoes
  • Make a hat from chips
  • Add whole cloves, raisins or chocolate chips for buttons.
The possibilities are endless! Kids love to decorate their own hotdogs. Who doesn't like to play with their food? 

How would you decorate your hotdog man? What other fun food ideas have you done with your kids? 



  1. Thanks, Janice! Sorry I'm slow in responding. I was on vacation and just got home last night. You'll read about it in today's blog. :) Thanks for reading!