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Monday, April 11, 2016

26 Weeks Letter Challenge: C

Week three of the 26 Weeks Letter Challenge, where I'll post photographs of things that begin with that week's letter. Feel free to play along in the comments or on your own blog. It's a great way to use some of those pictures taking up space in your computer. 

C is for...

My husband's invention, CabinetGuard, which protects your sink base from leaks.
Now available in a variety of sizes at
Chocolate, because really, can a blog post really have too much candy?
I keep my chocolate separate from my other candies.
Coffee. This is the brand I buy at Costco. I drink it with
sugar-free hazelnut creamer. Mmmm.
Crochet. I'm getting better at my new hobby. I just learned how to make these
cute flowers last night. They're not actually attached to this little blankie yet.
It will be given to a little 4-year-old friend, Bayleigh, who is recovering from having
a brain tumor removed and is going to have a long rehab time.
Crush. This is my husband, whose last name begins with a C and I am
so proud to share it. He makes my life better just by being in it. And he's
the genius who invented CabinetGuard.
So there you have a few things from my life that begin with C. How about you? Share you C things in the comments.


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