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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday - Strong Women

I felt like cheering when I read this. For some reason, some women have gotten the idea they must be tough, loud, rude, crude, or downright mean, to be free. They used to call it women's liberation back in the bra burning 1960s. I understand, to a degree, why it came to this extreme. People didn't used to listen to women unless they made some sort of commotion. It was a man's world.

It makes me think of when, on occasion I'd lose it with my kids.
"Why are you yelling at me?" they'd ask.
"Because you didn't listen the first three times I tried to talk nicely to you about this. Now I have to yell to get your attention."

But ladies, the sixties were over 46 years ago. I think we can stop yelling now. We've yelled until our throats are raw and our message is distorted. It's time to let the pendulum swing back toward the side of being strong, yet gentle, humble, compassionate, rational, and disciplined. The world knows women have a lot to contribute beyond making babies and keeping a clean house. We don't have to scream it anymore. We don't have to burn our bras or be more masculine.

Let's be the beautiful, gentle creatures God created us to be. It doesn't cancel out our strength, our intellect, our fierceness, our passion, or our discipline. And it certainly doesn't steal our freedom.

Relax. Lean into the sweet femininity within. Quit fighting it. It's a gift. Embrace it, then live strong and free.


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