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Monday, January 25, 2016

I'm a Downton Abbey Fan

It's Me Monday and I thought you should know that I'm a Downton Abbey fan. I was a late bloomer in this regard, not watching until the fourth season. But my mother had the DVDs of the previous seasons, so we were able to watch them all and continue from there. I was eager to see what all the hype was about and what fans so adored about this Masterpiece Theater show.

It did not disappoint.

Let me start by saying the cinematography is lush and beautiful. I always scold my husband if he fast- forwards through the opening credits because I love seeing its elegant beauty. From the outdoor panorama of Downton's grounds to the indoor shot of that singular rose petal falling on the mantel, it's absolutely delicious. The rest of the show is just as picturesque.

Second, the costuming is to die for. The men look grand in their suits and the women are feminine and demur in their stylish frocks. The fashions of the early 1900s make me long for those styles to come back. Contrast these with the working staff in their uniforms, always ready to pleasantly serve the Grantham family.

Which brings me to the characters themselves. The Granthams are the owners of Downton and they are served by a host of staff. From footmen to kitchen staff to general servants who help the family with everything from dressing to cooking and serving their meals, they do it all with a smile and formality reserved for those held in high esteem. The Granthams love their servants in an aristocratic way. They're not quite family, but they hold a special place in their hearts. Some, like Mr. Carson, the butler, have been with the family since the Grantham daughters were infants. He loves them like a doting uncle, especially Mary, the oldest daughter.

This is the last season of Downton Abbey. A slow, simmering romance between Mr. Carson and the head housemaid, Mrs. Hughes, has been brewing for several seasons and the two finally wed, thrilling fans to no end. I can't wait to see these two middle-aged lovebirds as a married couple the rest of the season. I was also over the moon to see Tom Branson reappear during their wedding reception, with daughter, Sibby, in his arms. What a happy reunion for the family!

I predict this sixth and final season will end with Tom and Lady Mary falling in love and marrying. With Downton under their charge, the season could close on a hopeful note that the grand estate wouldn't have to close down due to financial instability. I've heard other viewers suggest that perhaps Downton will indeed have to close its doors and the season will end with the family and staff leaving the estate and walking into a new chapter of their lives.

Regardless, I'm so glad I've been a Downton Abbey fan all these seasons. Its grace and beauty is a bright spot on television. I'll surely miss it when they draw the final curtain.

Are you a Downton fan? What/who do you love most about it?


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  1. I've never watched, but maybe I should. I put it on my Amazon Prime watch list.