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Friday, January 22, 2016

Doggy Day

It's a big day in our family. We're adding a new canine member. We already have our wonderful chihuahua, Kobi, who is five years old. He's the cutest, most fun dog ever.
Actually, all our pets belong to our youngest daughter, Ashley, who came from the womb an animal lover. God hard-wired her that way and we, as her parents, have tried our best not to quench what God put in her heart. That means we've learned to become pet people. Currently she has a rabbit, a 95-gallon aquarium, a 35-gallon aquarium, a betta, a hamster, and a dog.

For years we said "only one dog at a time." But that was before last week when a stray dog wandered into Petco where she works. After some sleuthing, they found he had a microchip and my daughter and her manager took the little guy back to the shelter he was adopted from. They tried calling all the phone numbers they had on record but they were all out of service. So they sent a letter to them old-fashioned style to give them one final chance to claim their dog. The shelter's policy stated they needed to hang on to the cute little miniature pinscher for a week to see if they owner came for him. No one came.
Larkin going home.

So today, two-year-old Larkin becomes Ashley's dog. We couldn't stand for him to be left in a shelter any longer. Apparently the poor pup has been passed around to about five different homes in the last few months since his original owner moved to Germany. Today he gets his forever home and Kobi gets a brother.

New brothers Kobi and Larkin,
Do you have a pet you love? How/where did you find him/her? Share your pet love in the comments.



  1. He is a cute. Kobi seems to accept him. Many years of happiness to all of you.