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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I admit unplugging from electronics is a hard thing for me to do. But there is value in it. When you unplug, you see things you otherwise miss like the faces of those you love, the sunshine streaming through your window, the beauty (whether simple or lavish) of your home. You hear things you otherwise tune out like birdsong, the sound of the dog lapping water, and children laughing. But unplugging isn't just about electronics. It's about releasing the things that hold you. Letting go of the world and hanging tight to God and who He made you to be. Sometimes we have to fit into a certain mold to function at work or in our roles in the family. Unplugging allows you to stretch back into your God-given shape. You can breathe and relax just being yourself.

I unplug by reading or taking a walk or playing a game with my family. It's downtime that I enjoy without feeling the weight of responsibilities. And when I jump back into the fray, I'm refreshed, more energetic and happy. I'm better at coping with whatever life throws at me. It's important time that is never to be viewed as wasted.

How do you unplug? Is unplugging something that comes easy or is it hard to do?


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