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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Overnight Changes

When I read this thought, it made me think of parenting because of a conversation I had with my older brother. He lives across the country from me and we were talking on the phone. I was struggling and was worried about one of my teenage children. He listened, then calmly said, "If there's anything I've learned as a parent of teenagers it's that things can change overnight." 

He was right. I've seen it happen many times since then and I'm sure a great deal of it has to do with prayer. We pray. God hears. God answers. And sometimes it's nothing short of miraculous. A child's plans for the future take an unexpected turn for the better. An attitude adjustment happens out of nowhere. Something you worried your child might do never happens. It may have seemed like it was locked down, a done deal, no hope in sight. But then what you never saw coming yesterday is suddenly there today. The sun shines, and hope returns.

There's no explanation except answered prayer. Nothing left to do but lift a song of praise to a loving God who loves our kids even more than we do.

Sounds familiar? Sound off in the comments. And thanks for reading.


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