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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Little Me in the Hands of a Big God

As a writer, I can easily get discouraged. My own mind tries to sabotage me. Does anyone read what I write? Does what I write even matter? Is this just a hobby? Then I see a quote like this one by Mother Teresa and my whole perspective is brought back into proper focus. And it doesn't pertain only to writers.

It applies to mothers, too. Even though no one sees all you do everyday and how you're in the very business of molding small people into the image of Christ, it matters. Your selfless acts of doing laundry, chauffeuring kids, making meals, disciplining children day in and day out, checking homework, changing diapers, cleaning, running errands, and all the other things you do that could fill the blogosphere--all those things? They're God's love letter to your family, your piece of the world.

So never give up. Never think no one sees. The only One who matters knows how much you do. And it's valued and appreciated.


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