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Monday, May 30, 2011

Separate Vacations

This summer, my husband and I are taking a couple of separate vacations. In twenty years I can count the times on one hand that we've done this. But as I write this, he's hiking in Yosemite National Park with a friend. I opted out because of having too many other commitments and needing a quiet weekend at home. While he's gone, my teen daughter and I are having some special time together.

Next month, I'm going to visit my best friend in another state and he'll be home with Ashley. I feel like this is good to do once in a while for all our relationships. It's nice to miss each other sometimes. And it's nice to have quality time with your kids in your own way.

Do you and your someone special ever take vacations apart? How do you manage child care arrangements, juggling schedules, planning ahead, etc. when one of you is gone?

And if you're a single parent, do you ever vacation without your kids? What arrangements are needed to do so? What benefits or detriments do find in vacationing separately? Maybe we'll all get some new ideas in how to manage things or avoid issues when we're gone!

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