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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Respect Your Kids

What? You may be thinking I got that backwards. After all, aren't kids supposed to respect their parents? Well, sure. But think about it. We usually teach core values by modeling them to our kids. If we want them to be honest, we don't steal or lie, right? Should it be any different with respect?

I hate it when I hear parents berating their children. I don't mean disciplining them. I mean talking to them in a tone that screams, "You're so stupid!" or "You're hopeless!" You know the tone I mean. As a matter of fact, I've heard it coming from my own mouth! I'm a parent of a teen now and sometimes I even hear that tone coming from her when she talks to me. Ouch. I know she learned that somewhere and I'm not willing to say where right here in public!

So let's make an effort to speak respectfully to our kids starting today. If we all did it, maybe more kids would learn respect and we could change the world! Or at the very least you'd have a happier home life with your kids.

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