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Friday, June 10, 2011

Traveling with Kids

I remember it well--my sister and I trying to go down the skinny little airplane aisle each carrying a baby,  diaper bags and purses. Our bags hopelessly caught on every row of seats we tried to pass. We laughed hysterically. I wouldn't have been surprised to see people looking for the emergency exits.

But what else could we do? With an infant and a toddler, we needed all that stuff. I needed toys to entertain my two-year-old for the next three hours in a tiny, confined space and of course she'd need some snacks. My sister needed bottles and diapers for her baby.

Then there have been the road trips on which my family has gone. We love road trips even though the car turns into a traveling dump. But the fun we have and the memories we make are worth every spill and mess. I think the most important thing to do when traveling with kids is to go prepared for anything. Take along more entertainment options than you think you'll need. I always got new coloring and activity books and a few new (inexpensive) toys or games for the trip. I didn't bring any of the new stuff out until they got totally bored with the old stuff. And take fun snacks along. Kids are always hungry! Have you tried listening to audio books? I haven't yet, but I hear they can be lifesavers on long trips.

Since it's summer vacation time, let's share vacationing tips. Do you prefer road trips or flying with your family? What things do you do or take to entertain your kiddos? What's the ideal length of vacation for your family? What fabulous family-friendly vacation spots have you found? Happy vacationing!

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