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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Timeless Tuesday - Unrush Me

Sometimes I find myself rushing from one task or activity to another. When I find myself in too much of a rush mode, I try to stop, take a breath, and regroup.

Life isn't meant to be rushed through.

When we rush, our stress levels rise. Often, we become less patient with those around us. We may even try to hurry them up, too, which usually just causes more stress and irritability.

So let's try to slow down. Absorb the moments that make up your life. They don't have to be spectacular to be meaningful. Get back your joy. Let go of that frantic, always-one-step-behind feeling. Because what are we rushing to? Our certain deaths? Thanks, but I can wait for that. One slow, unhurried step at a time for me.

May your day be slow, unhurried, and filled with previously unseen beauty and wonder.


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