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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Word of the Year

The past few years I've jumped on the bandwagon and chosen one word to move into the new year with. I don't choose this word lightly, as I try my best to live it out in every area of my life. That's a tall order for one word. In all honesty, I sometimes forget what my word is by the end of the year unless I'm living it well or struggling hard with it.

After some reflection and meditation, the word I've chosen for 2016 is hope. It is a verb demanding action and a noun that sits comfortably around me like an old friend. It leans forward expectantly, waiting for the next thing, either good or bad, to occur. It keeps a song in my heart with it's optimism and doesn't let me dwell too long in the shadows of disappointment.

Hope is something I can cling to in desperate times and offer others in theirs. It's a soft, comforting gift I can give myself and those around me. Hope keeps the good in the bad and reminds me that nothing is permanent, no circumstance or problem. It bolsters my faith and keeps my eyes on the Giver of hope.

So this year...

May I hold hope like a lover, and extend it to those who can't see its spark. May my words lift others spirits, giving hope where there was none.

May I never lose sight of the hope that is within me, the blessed hope that is Jesus, the author and perfecter of my sometimes faltering faith.

May I use hope as a weapon against despair, doubt, hatred, and apathy. May it move me to action to make my corner of the world a better place.

This is my prayer this year, that you will find hope too, in the words I speak and write, and in the people and world around you. May hope light our way so the path isn't quite so dark. May it point us to Jesus and the abundant, hope-filled life He offers. If life becomes so dark you can't see, don't forget to light the match of hope. Look for others who hold that spark and can pass it to you. Or be the torch bearer for someone else. Hope makes everything better.

If you were to choose one word to live out this year, what would it be? Write it in the comments below.



  1. Great post, Linda! I haven't decided for sure which my word will be, but either "simplicity" or "peace."