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Friday, December 18, 2015

My Christmas Jewelry

When I say "my Christmas jewelry" as in the title, I use that term loosely. Mainly, all I have are Christmas earrings, and maybe a few pins. But I love them!

Many moons ago, my sweet mother gave my sister and me new Christmas earrings every year. That was back when we were in the depths of raising children and never buying anything for ourselves. She saw to it that we at least had new earrings once a year. We looked forward to it and I still have some of mine. (Side note: my youngest daughter turned 20  last week. That's how long I've managed to not lose every pair.)

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy seeing my Christmas jewelry. And even if you won't, I'm going to show you anyway. So sit down and relax. :) This won't take long. I promise.

Sparkly Angel

Snowflake stud

Sparkly Christmas tree

Pearl Snowman

Rustic Christmas Tree

Christmas Wreath

Dangly Snowflake

Christmas Tree Stud
Jingle Bell

Christmas Presents

The next two are my Christmas pins.

Christmas Bells

Christmas Angel

So there you have it. My whole collection of Christmas jewelry. My favorite earrings are the rustic Christmas trees and the Christmas presents. I get the most comments on that last one.Thanks for humoring me and looking at some of my favorite things.

Do you have any Christmas jewelry? Share your pictures in the comments below.



  1. It's true, you've had the wreath and present earrings for forever! I think he snowmen pearls are my favorite :)

    1. Haha! You've been looking at them for most of your life. I didn't know the snowman pearls were your favorite. :)