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Monday, September 14, 2015

Doing My Favorite Thing

I'll keep this post short and sweet because I have to get back to doing my favorite thing. I am visiting my daughter, Jessica, and her husband, Kevin and my SEVEN grandchildren! As if that weren't enough joy, I am here with my husband, and my mom, aka Mamaw to those grands. It's even more fun to share the love with some of my favorite people.

So I really don't have time to write a blog today. I have grandchildren to snuggle, tickle, smooch, laugh with, and read to. I'm moving the laptop off my lap and making room for little people. I don't have pictures to post yet, so I'll just leave you with this one from Christmas last year, which was the last time we were all together. Jessica and Kevin are the cute couple leaning on the back of the couch and parents of all these darlings. My younger daughter, Ashley, is the one holding our only granddaughter, Lillian. That's my handsome husband, Rollin, at the other end of the couch holding Solomon and Titus. I'm right behind him standing beside Seth. Our dog, Kobi, is sitting beside our oldest grandson Jamison, and Ethan is holding our youngest grandson, Henry. That about covers it.

Oh, and I'm really thankful today for the "scheduling" option on this blog. Because I'm really writing this before I leave to visit this energetic bunch and it will post itself on Me Monday so I don't even have to stop hugging those kiddos. Life is good. Pictures will be forthcoming.

Linda aka Grammy