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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Green Truck

When my daughter was a preschooler, she had a knack for spotting the lime green water delivery truck driving down the road while we were out running errands. "Mommy! There's the green truck!"

We'd wonder where it was going and who would drink the water he brought. Imagine the excitement from the back seat when we passed the water company's building with bunches of green trucks parked in its lot! It became a game to try to find the green truck whenever we were driving anywhere. I remember another particularly exciting moment at home when she spotted from our front window the green truck driving down our street!We laughed and danced around the living room.

Over a decade later, I still think of my little girl, now a yong lady, when I see the green truck. Every family has its little games that evolve from everyday life. Or maybe it's a dance or signal you give in certain situations. Maybe you have a saying that no one outside your family gets. These things connect us in ways we never dream they will. They give us that warm, fuzzy feeling years later. Don't underestimate the bond these games and silly traditions make in your family. Keep playing!

What do you play with your kids that you'll remember long after they're grown? Is there a saying or a way of pronouncing words that is unique to your family? I'd love to hear about it!



  1. We live about 18 miles from the church we attend. When the grandkids were small and spent the weekend, we played a game on the,seemingly, long drive home. I was a curve left, 3 hills, 2 small bridges, a firehouse sign, a bigger bridge, and a LONG sweeping curve right, and the church on the corner and we were home. I still hear it in my head when I drive home and the grandkids are long grown out of the game.

  2. Now that's fun! And even if the grands have long outgrown it, I bet they'll remember it fondly. :)