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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bible Reading - Book vs. Electronic

I'm a reader. I love reading books in any format, whether the good old paper version or an electronic version on my smartphone or Nook. I find I'm reading more and more electronically, including my devotions. I have a Bible reading plan I chose at and read it at my computer each morning.

When it comes to reading my Bible in a class or church service, however, I've learned that I prefer reading from my marked up Bible rather than an electronic version. I navigate it faster and easier and I like the feel of the Good Book in my hands, its thin pages rustling between my fingers. That's probably because that's how I grew up and learned to use the Bible.

But what about today's generation that sometimes learns to read their Bibles via electronics? I've got mixed emotions about this. On one hand, I want kids to use a regular paper version of the Bible so they can learn the order of the books and how to find each one. I want them to know the Old Testament from the New Testament. Will they learn those foundational things when they simply touch which book and chapter they want to read on their device? How will they  be able to find Bible passages should they be unable use their electronics? Or does that even matter anymore?

My own personal preference is that they learn the books of the Bible when they're young, before they have electronics to depend on. Then when they get electronic devices, they'll already know the basics of the Bible, so it won't matter so much that they're not using the old paper version.

I'm interested in other people's opinion on this. Should kids learn the books of the Bible anymore or is that outdated in today's world? Shouldn't we just be glad when we see them reading their Bibles in any form? Let's talk about this! Leave your opinion in the comments below.



  1. Most electronic versions of the Bible I've seen still have the books listed in order and separated into Old and New Testaments. And you still have to scroll through that list/ table of contents -- in order -- to get to what you want to read.

    I trust that the generation who grows up with electronic books will be able to make the connection with paper. The kind of person who takes the time to be acquainted with the Bible, understand its structure, and seek God in its pages will do so whether those pages are made of paper or polyethylene.

    I know the most valuable gift my parents gave me was to make it easy for me to have a relationship with Jesus. A big part of that was to make it easy for me to love the Bible. The question to me then becomes: How can we use all of the resources at our disposal to make it easy for this generation to fall in love with the Bible?

  2. Excellent thoughts, Allison. The YouVersion app I use lets you choose whether to list the books in the traditional order or in alphabetical order. If I wasn't familiar with the Bible, I'd definitely choose alphabetical.

    I agree that whatever makes it easy for a person want to read the Bible, and then hopefully fall in love with Jesus as a result, is totally worth it!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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