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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Family Celebrations

We're a family that likes to celebrate. Any excuse will do. And why not? It's easy to get caught up in the distractions and negative things that bog a day down. But we choose to celebrate the good things no matter how small. And by celebrate, I mean going out for ice cream, to the dollar store for a toy, or maybe out to eat. Nothing elaborate or expensive. Just a time to acknowledge "We did it!" Here's a list of some things we've been known to celebrate, other than the obvious holidays.

1. The first day of school
2. Report cards even if there are some bad grades on them. We choose to celebrate the good grades and those that have improved from last time
3. Making it through another week of school - every Friday we get an ice cream or French fries on our way home
4. A promotion at work
5. The last day of school
6. The completion of a household job (like cleaning out the garage or working in the yard together)
7. School concerts, plays, or anything else our kids are involved in
8. Making it through a tough day or week
9. The completion of one of my books
10. When I get a book contract
11. When my husband gets a new client
12. Baptisms
13. Finishing a big school project
14. Getting our house back to ourselves after having company
15. A new pet

You get the idea--it doesn't take much to call for a celebration around here. It makes for a joyful family and gives us a chance to thank God for His goodness.

What does your family celebrate? How do you do it?

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